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Nokia Mobile posts Android 11 roll-out timelines & list of Nokia smartphones in a now-deleted tweet


In a surprise tweet that is now deleted, Nokia Mobile Twitter account has posted a roadmap for Android 11 roll-out for eligible Nokia smartphones. This also raises questions about validity of this roadmap and the list of eligible smartphones.

Though, here is the roadmap image posted by Nokia Mobile Twitter account. Since this roadmap has been pulled now, we may probably see a revised list soon.

The list doesn’t feature any Nokia C-series smartphones. Here is a quarter-wise list on the basis of the roadmap image.

Q4 2020 – Q1 2021 list:

Nokia 8.3 5G – Android 10

Nokia 2.2 – Android Pie

Nokia 8.1 – Android Pie

Nokia 5.3 – Android 10

Q1 2021 list:

Nokia 2.3 – Android Pie

Nokia 1.3 – Android 10 Go Edition

Nokia 2.4 – Android 10

Nokia 3.4 – Android 10

Nokia 4.2 – Android Pie

Q1-Q2 2021 list:

Nokia 3.2 – Android Pie

Nokia 6.2 – Android Pie

Nokia 7.2 – Android Pie

Q2 2021 list:

Nokia 1 Plus – Android 10 Go Edition

Nokia 9 PureView – Android Pie

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