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Nokia Lumia Icon Review


The Nokia Lumia Icon, some have called it the best Windows Phone to be released yet, but why does everyone think this is the best Windows Phone yet?  Hopefully I will have that answered for you all by the end of the review.


The Nokia hardware we are used to seeing is colorful and rounded corners, but not with the Icon.  The Icon has nothing close to what Nokia usually dishes out, sharp corners and straight edges.  I do prefer the rounded corners, it is simply easier to hold on to, but some might prefer the Icon’s precise cut edges.

The Icon does not feature any expandable memory, which is a huge bummer in my opinion.  


The Icon features a 20 MP camera, which takes absolutely fantastic pictures, but that is nothing new for a high end Lumia smartphone.  It also videos in 1080p, the overall camera experience with the Lumia Icon is top of the line.


A 5 inch 1080p AMOLED display is slapped on the front of the Icon.  The screen is bright and cannot be over looked.  The viewing angles are nearly endless, you can hold the Icon on its side and still see the screen clearly.


The first month I had this phone it ran Windows Phone 8 beautifully, which we all expected because the Icon has a Snapdragon 800 and 2 GB of RAM.  There was not a hiccup with Windows Phone 8.

Since that first month I have had Windows Phone 8.1 running on my Icon, and the first few weeks there were bugs, but that is due to the brand new developer preview that had not received any updates, now it is flawless on the Icon.


Gaming on the Icon is great but it is due to the flawless display.  The gaming experience is bug free, everything from flappy bird to Asphalt 8 runs great on the Icon.


You might have noticed by the sections above that I was very happy with the Icon, I could do nothing but praise the Icon in every section of this review.  I have to make full swing back to the intro of the review, is this the best Windows Phone yet?  In my opinion, it is not, I preferred my time with Lumia 1520 more than the Icon, but just barely.  That is all personal preference though.  I liked the expandable memory and the bigger display.  That is the only places the 1520 won in my opinion.  If you want to go pick up the Lumia Icon then you are making a great choice, and you will have no regrets.

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