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Nokia has a Plan-B, in case Windows Phone strategy fails. So where does WP8 still score over Android for Nokia?


So the bad “news of current Lumia devices not being able to update to Windows Phone 8″ has finally made Nokia management to come out and answer some uneasy and burning questions. Nokia’s new chairman Risto Siilasmaa  has answered about Windows Phone adoption while supporting Elop and finally revealed that Nokia indeed has a contingency plan or Plan-B in case the Windows 8 Phone fails to live up to expectations. But he said the company was confident that the product would be a success.

So next important questions are what is this “Plan-B” and is this adoption of Android. Elop while announcing his preference of Eco-system mentioned things like fragmentation, Many players, Not able to differentiate etc to choose “Windows Phone” over “Android”.

  • Now it is difficult to understand whether Nokia knew Windows Phone 8 will also suffer from fragmentation just after few months of deriding Android. But it is evident now. Windows Phone OS has fragmentation and it might become worse with Windows Phone 8 (Many resolutions, Many cores).
  • Major Android Players like Samsung and HTC will already be there with their quad-core devices and it will not be easy ride for Nokia.
  • Other than Nokia’s exclusive apps and imaging experience rest will be same for all with WP8. And if Nokia choses not to compete on spec level with Samsung and HTC then it is very difficult for Nokia going ahead. Even Nokia Maps and drive will be available for all other players.

In this case it seems Nokia could have been better with both Android and Windows Phone as a neutral vendor, if Symbian is not a choice after all as confirmed by Nokia Chairman. Because after all “only Windows Phone strategy” doesn’t seem to have edge over “Nokia adopting Android” strategy.

Frankly speaking if Nokia could have competed with Samsung after adopting Android, it could have had a better chance while leading the “Windows Phone OS” vendor pack. Afterall known competitor is always better than something unknown. iPhone and Android’s flagships devices are good examples of the unknowns.

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