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Nokia G42 5G in Pink Unboxing & Impressions: Fast & Powerful!



With the release of Nokia G42 5G in India and priced among the lowest globally, HMD Global has just reaffirmed their commitment to play the long game.

The G42 5G , introduced in June this year is now available in more countries and even with a new colour option!

The Nokia G42 5G

The Nokia G42 5G is currently the most important device in HMD Global’s portfolio. This is the entry midrange device that will make or break the future of HMD Global. With focus on the midrange segments, it is crucial that each device is executed well in order to survive and to move further. Similar to how the original Nokia 6 restarted the Nokia name in mobile segment, the G42 5G is key to the success of HMD Global moving forward with a new vision.

While the G42 was already introduced a few months earlier in Europe, it is now making a fresh entry with vibrant pink color which looks amazing. Powering this device is the SD480+ processor which I am eager to try out. Based on my experience on the SD480 powering the Nokia X20 , this is a capable processor which gives a smooth and balanced experience. What is interesting here is that the Nokia G42 5G supports up to 11GB which is combination of hardware and virtual RAM which means multitasking will be a breeze. With its 6.56in display at 90Hz with OZO audio playback, be sure to have immersive multimedia experience. The 5000mAh battery, among the largest on a Nokia device ,will ensure a multi day use experience and the 20W charging speed will give you a decent charging time.

Imaging is always a deal breaker to many. The triple camera setup on the rear might seem familiar but it now powered up by the new imaging algorithm that allows the device to capture stunning daylight and low light images.

Why does it matter?

Unlike all the previous HMD’s release, the G42 5G, gives respect to what the Indian users have been asking for all along. Sensible pricing. At this ultra competitive price, the G42 5G becomes a solid option to many, and vital to bring the power of 5G to the masses. The easy repairability with original parts will ensure this device remains new, performs new and feels new for a long time to come.

You can catch my unboxing video of the vibrant pink Nokia G42 5G here:

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