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Nokia CTO: Advanced Tech division to Focus on “Internet of things”. Can license imaging tech!


We reported some of the areas “Nokia’s Advanced Technology division” will focus on post Nokia-MS deal closure. The keywords from that interview of Nokia’s CTO Henry Tirri were Radio tech, cloud and sensorsLicensing of technologies and smart wearables.

In an interview now at MWC 2014, Henry Tirri has now mentioned “Internet of things” as one of the key focus area for the Advanced Tech division. He has talked about some of the key enabling technologies as well. Here are some of the highlights from his interview,

  • Nokia believes in global connectivity of things and their expertise in radio connectivity, materials, imaging and sensing technologies will help in evolution of the “Internet of things”
  • Some of the examples of these kind of connectivity technologies are:
    • Bluetooth low-energy technology, for which much of the development was done in Nokia labs.
    • Wearable sensors, such as e-Skin—nanosensing various kinds of biological measurements that can be used for monitoring your health and wellness.
    • Graphene—Nokia has been one of the founders of the EU’s Graphene Flagship program—will help in new kinds of computing and sensing devices.
  • Nokia’s Advanced Technology division will explore product and technology development for licensing to customers ala Qualcomm and ARM. Henry drops a big hint in the example of “Imaging technology licensing” which may find many takers.
  • Nokia may perhaps stop mobile phone user interface-related development work, but Henry cautions that Nokia may need to look at this in more depth once the transaction with Microsoft has closed.

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