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Nokia bringing hover based zooming / panning and text / objects enlargement to Lumias soon.


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Nokia seems to bring “Hover based interaction” in a big way to Lumia devices if images from two latest patents are any indication. You may know that Nokia has just introduced  hover based wake up to Lumias running on Amber, where you can just hover over the screen to wake up the phone and see the glance screen.

Now, what seems coming next is,

  • Hover based Text / object enlargement while reading or UI interaction. The letter or part of the word you hover on will get enlarged making it easy to read. This will also help in rendering touch inputs more easily.
  • Hover base handling of text input and icons. There will be three modes while using the keyboard to input text and once hover is done, the user enters into Zoom-pan mode from normal mode, where the part of text under hover gets zoomed in and also the text panning takes place based on movement of the hand. As soon as one touches the screen the device enters into pointing mode and hover interaction ceases. It may make text input really a breeze.

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