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Nokia 8 India pricing a winner. 46% respondents will buy in a heartbeat, reveal poll results


HMD launched the affordable flagship Nokia 8 in India priced very competitively at Rs 36,999. While this price directly puts it in competition against likes of OnePlus 5, Nokia 8 is a threat to many other flagships too in India with huge pricing advantage.

We conducted a poll to understand what our readers think about Nokia 8 pricing for India because many of you will end up buying the Nokia 8. As expected poll results are quite encouraging for HMD and 46% of the respondents will buy it in a heartbeat.

Around 16% say that the pricing is fine but they want to compare it to other smartphones and then decide. Only 13% of all respondents consider it overpriced. 22% of respondents would like to buy the upcoming Nokia 9 instead.

Poll results largely approve the pricing strategy adopted by HMD that takes into account price sensitivity of a particular market. For example; Europe got Nokia 8 for EUR 579-599, the UK got it for a surprising £499, UAE and KSA got it for AED 1699, the lowest pricing and now India has it for Rs 36,999 again a very cool pricing.

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