So we informed you about leak of a full touch S40 phone, Nokia 306 along with 3 more upcoming phone in our earlier article. Now we have full manual of the Nokia 306 and trust us Nokia is truly making their basic feature phones smart.

 So what are the highlights according to the manual?


Swipe can be used for many functions like opening the lock screen, browsing through three homescreens, reading notifications from lock screen, closing the touch keypad.

Swipe down menu/notification bar like Symbian Belle devices:

Awesome addition to usability and smartness of the device. You can access many functionalities by accessing this bar by just swiping down.

Three Homescreens :

Not in the league of Meego, but something modelled on the N9’s three homescreen design. One homescreen is for Apps, one for favourite shortcuts and one for the most used Apps. And you can swipe left pr right for accessing them. Read mor in below screenshot.

 Source: Nokia 306 guide