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My Cashbook Pro goes free as myAppFree app of the day

The Windows Phone app which has gone free next as myAppFree app of the day is My Cashbook Pro . MyAppFree selects and tests each day hundreds of applications to suggest only the best apps and games available in the Windows Store. Download it now and save money.

My cashbook helps you to manage your money. It helps you with tracking daily income and expenses. Therefore you know where your money goes and come from. With Live Tile (shows open balance, today income, today expense and balance) you can easily track the balance in your hand.


* Create your own income, expense categories

* Edit / Delete categories

* Add / Edit / Delete transactions with a category, date, amount and description

* Backup and restore data using OneDrive

* Protect app with password

* Pin a tile to start to add transaction quickly

* Main Live tile supports all tile sizes

* Main tile background color can be customized of your choice

* Clean and clear dashboard which shows current statics

* Export data to Excel (in CSV format)

* Dedicated page to support and feature request

* Transaction history reports includes; ~ View all transaction ~ Transaction in a selected date period ~ Transactions    in selected category ~ Summary of daily transactions ~ Summary of categories for selected date period

Download the free app of the day

My Cashbook Pro
My Cashbook Pro
Developer: nanosoft solutions (Pvt) Ltd
Price: $2.49

Download myAppFree

Developer: MYAPPFREE s.r.l.
Price: Free
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