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Shift planning to bring high-end Shift5Pro with Snapdragon 820


Shift is planning to bring a high end device named as SHIFT5Pro. It will be a dual boot phone.  The SHIFT5pro is supposed to be a 4G Phone, very energy efficient (MSM8996), will have at least 4GB of RAM and at least 32GB of internal memory (expandable via naturally also SD card). It will have a cam which is more than 20 MP. SHIFT5pro will have gorilla glass 3 and the device is almost same as SHIFT5+.

It is built very modular, means you can not only as so far battery and storage very quickly exchange it, but also the display and various other important components. It will use new high-end processor Snapdragon 820 and will also use type-C the USB 3. Shift5Pro would be optimized to run cyanogen, normal Android (6 or 7) and Windows 10. They were earlier planning to launch Shift5+ that they cancelled in favour of Shift5 Pro.


The Specifications :

  • Snapdragon 820
  • USB3 Type C
  • SHIFT5pro is  for Cyanogen, but also normal Android (6 or 7), and Windows 10 can be used optionally.
  • SHIFT5pro is a 4G Phone
  • At least 4GB of RAM and at least 32GB of internal memory (expandable via naturally also SD card)
  • More than 20MP cam.
  • Gorilla Glass 3 (or better)
  • 2500-3000 mAh of battery capacity


 333.00 €  for Shift5+, so should be same for Shift5pro and that price is so low because it is a crowd-funded project and it may be higher when it retails.

Read more about Shift 5+ from here 

The press release : 

Love SHIFT Supporter, Users and Friends,

How to report and the start of the new year back and have a lot to tell ;-): A small retrospective: 2015 was for us an exciting and eventful year. Through your support, we were able to realize the SHIFT7 and the SHIFT5 / SHIFT5.1. And the SHIFT7 + is nearing mass production. But we could also ensure through you that it all goes well who are involved prepare our equipment and thus the SHIFT PHONES finished fairer than ever before. This time we have also filmed something and be in the next few weeks cut together a little movie for you, which gives you a little bit in the whole thing look.

What’s next:
Now we start in 2016 and we want to give an outlook how it goes now:

In January will now start the mass production of SHIFT7 + devices. So hopefully most in Jan / February 2016 can keep their Shift7 + in his hands.
The plan the SHIFT5 + mid-2016 was then to have done for you and early 2017 the SHIFT5pro. During our recent visit to China in December, we have decided not to implement this plan so. We believe it is better to build a SHIFT5 +, but instead equal to the much better SHIFT5pro.

And here’s a little insight into our development department: We are currently also working on a SHIFT12. That’s (similar to a surface) a notebook / tablet combo.This is now only 2016 Whistleblowing … please not löechern us with detailed questions … we will deliver the information to then already, if it is good and useful :-). But it is a very cool part … that we can say already now; -) …

Also we have received feedback from you that I wish you an even smaller SHIFT PHONE. This desire we would like to meet you in the form of a SHIFT4 which you can pre-SHOP in the near future, and the mid-2016 will be delivered.

Why not SHIFT5 +:
it Let us explain briefly: In addition to the fairness and sustainability, we indeed very important to this but we can not as we wish it to us with equipment on MTK-based (ie those with MediaTek processors) reach. Unfortunately, we get from the company MTK not the necessary support in order for the devices to ensure software updates over the long term. And so we opted for the next device to use the processors from Qualcomm only way to sustainability is important to us and you now achieve much better. We hattem considered for SHIFT5 + possibly a Snapdragon 801 to use (these uses, for example, the new Fairphone2. However, this processor is not able to properly support USB3 Type C (what us but is very important because this is the future is) and a few other things. Furthermore, we have learned a lot and also some new partners brought on board, which puts us in a position to build much better phones than we would have thought possible a few weeks ago. That’s why We would like to now focus on developing our high-end model in the coming weeks prefer a really good Shift5pro solid as quickly nor SHIFT5 developing + to the end with the knowledge that it and us is not really the best for you.

What will the SHIFT5pro:
subtleties are subject to change (for the better), but the basic data look like this:
It is very modular, which means you can not only, as previously Replace battery and memory very quickly, but also the display and Various other important components.It will use the 2016 new high-end processor appearing Snapdragon 820 and use the USB3 Type C. Thus we optimize the SHIFT5pro for Cyanogen, but also normal Android (6 or 7), and Windows 10 can be used optionally. The Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ platform, we then have more opportunities to provide faster software upgrades for your disposal. The SHIFT5pro is a 4G Phone, very energy efficient (MSM8996), has at least 4GB of RAM and at least 32GB of internal memory (expandable via naturally also SD card). Very much love we put in the camera. This is more than 20MP, a very good appearance, and have a high dynamic range. The SHIFT5pro gets Gorilla Glass 3 (or better), and is very resistant. Visually, it is very similar to the SHIFT5. The battery will be much larger and have 2500-3000 mA.Exact information can be found soon to our website and at the shop.

What does this mean for you SHIFT5 + Supporter?
First of all we would like to again thank you for your patience and support gigantic. Without you it would have been impossible to reach this point. You are important to us and we take responsibility towards you very seriously. That is why we do not leave you out in the cold. On the contrary, because we want to be rewarded the loyalty and trust ;-):

All SHIFT5 + Supporter receive the new (much better!) At no extra charge !!! SHIFT5pro In addition, there is a transitional program, so that everyone can get Supporter SHIFT5 + hire a SHIFT5.1 or even a SHIFT4 as an intermediate device from February 2016th Then, when the SHIFT5pro is there, you can simply switch the power on again. Depending on how you have cared for the intermediate device, you pay then when you upgrade for a small, symbolic usage fee of EUR 22-77. We hope thus to find a good solution for everyone. If someone is not satisfied with it but we can not find any common solution, everyone has the possibility of the support back and recover his money.

No sustainability for other devices SHIFT?
The fair with the production we have achieved and that’s worth a lot to talk.However, we will ensure the sustainability of the existing devices. We remain at MTK regarding it. Other software updates for existing devices. If this does not succeed, we will ensure the sustainability in the form of hardware upgrades. This means that if someone wants to have a SHIFT PHONE with a newer version of Android it can send us back the old unit and receive a new model for an additional cost. The old device we bring again in use as a tested hand goods, for educational projects, refugee work, or similar funding projects. Defective devices are disassembled and recycled and no longer usable parts recycled. For us nothing is thrown away or disappear in drawers.

Our goal:
We want it all goes really good people who are involved in it, that you can use a beautiful and mature the SHIFT PHONE offers you maximum freedom. For this, we continue to need your support. Especially for the development of SHIFT5pro we need as many supporters as never before (an estimated 10,000). We now begin the SHIFT team a new section, which we are very happy and we are excited about what is going to happen so in 2016.
Ok, so far as only times. We were very busy in the last weeks and months and are now for a few days as a team in the mountains (Yay! WE have massive snow !!!).That is why we are this week not as quick with the answer of mail etc …

We thank you for your trust and support and all are very happy when we look back on the old year and can only be amazed at what has grown everything in such a short time and are looking forward even more to a really crass 2016 you !!! Much love and our best wishes for the new year !!
Carsten and the SHIFT team.

Source : Startnext


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