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Lumia Icon status update


So now the Lumia Icon has been released at Verizon for almost a week, it’s time to do a little roundup. First we will check out some Lumia Icon reviews.

Engadget, Huffington Post and PC Mag all gave it a 9, PC World, Laptop Magazine and Ars Technica gave it a decent 8. Wired was a little less enthousiastic with a 7 and well The Verge also gave a 7 but hè I don’t take them serious anymore. And reading the comments I’m not he only one 🙂 Never did I read such a bad and biased review. But let’s not troll too much. In general the device was accepted great !

One of the greatest complaints was the fact that it’s only available at Verizon. And yes, why should the rest of the US i.e. the world wait for such a good device? Samsung or Apple do not need specialized devices anymore so why would Nokia? It’s feels so 2013… So come on Nokia / Microsoft get your act together and get into control. Listen to the costumers, not the operators. I guess we all want a cool designed Lumia device with these specs.

And the Verizon customer? He is happy. Look at the votes and reviews here:
Lumia Icon at Verizon (click Read all .. reviews)

At Amazon there are only 16 white ones left in stock. Let’s hope the “(more one the way)” is indeed true. Supply issues should be something of the past also.

So we have to wait and see how the Icon rolls but the first signs are good indeed.

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