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Lumia 900’s camera impresses in Lumia 900 vs iPhone 4S shootout by CNET.com.


CNET’s Jessica Dolcourt has put Lumia 900’s  8-megapixel camera to the test in a shootout with iPhone 4S’s 8-megapixel camera.

They have finalized 11 more representative shots to  see which one comes out on top. If you go through all the shots it seems that Lumia 900 does better in richness and warmth of color, better contrast, Macro mode, Overall focusing, low light performance. 

Given below is the actual comparison pictures and the conclusions drawn by the reviewer based on the shootout. Let us know in comments what you feel about the shootout and how you think Lumia 900 fares.

Mural: The Nokia phone’s picture looks richer, but the iPhone 4S’ looks brighter.

Zoomed in: I zoomed all the way in and focused on the building’s dome.  Point: iPhone  4S for overall image quality, but it does wash out the wall.

Sculpture: Both statues look good, but I do like the deeper contrast  on the Lumia 900’s.

Plant life: Apple’s iPhone 4S brought out the purples, but the Lumia  900’s contrast made the icy light green seem more detailed.

Bay Bridge: The Lumia 900 is far more yellow, but it also keeps more  gulls in focus.

Bear: The iPhone captures much more detail in the plush bear’s fur,  its bow, and the writing on the box of tea, but the colors look a bit more  washed out compared to the Lumia 900.

Macro: Macro mode on the Lumia 900 captured pollen detail (you could  see this at more than 3,000 pixels); the iPhone 4S auto-focuses, but has no  macro mode.

Flags: I prefer the cooler colors in the iPhone 4S, but in terms of  focusing on distant objects, they’re pretty close.

Snack shack: The iPhone 4S shot looks much more vibrant and sharp than  the yellowed, lower-contrast Lumia 900 photo (especially when the photos are  blown up on the big screen.)

Fountain: The iPhone 4S captured the water droplets more distinctly,  but in this scene, I like the Lumia’s contrast and warmer tones. The actual  color was somewhere between them.

Low-light: I had to turn on night mode to extract Mike the CNET  engineer from his dark, dark surroundings. The colors are richer, but he has red  eye. The iPhone 4S just needed the flash to extract color, but it isn’t as  precise.

Source Link: http://www.cnet.com/8301-17918_1-57408997-85/nokia-lumia-900-camera-shoot-out-vs-iphone-4-photos/#ixzz1r3GSqqDM

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