Right from the word go, and as our coverage shows, from 1st of April onwards when pre-order opened, Lumia 900 Black model is holding 1st Rank as a best-selling model for AT&T and also the best-selling model in overall USA market on Amazon.com. This is 11th day since the pre-order opened, Lumia 900 Black is still the top-selling model on Amazon.com. Lumia Cyan model is holding 3rd position in the same ranking.

Being 11 days on top shows very strong start for Lumia 900 on Amazon.

While Black model has clear lead in online sales, reports are otherwise for sales registered in retail stores. Here Cyan model has gone almost out of stock at all the AT&T stores. Check this report from wpcentral.com.

We’ve received several tips that the cyan Lumia 900 is completely sold out at various AT&T Retail Stores. WPCentral.com reader MaulerX reports that you can’t find a cyan Lumia 900 at any of the AT&T Retail Stores in New York City.  Even Wichita, Kansas stores are sold out (thanks Seth!) of all Lumia 900 models.

Even Paul Roth, AT&T’s President of Retail Sales and Service, in a WSJ.com interview recognized the sales of the Lumia 900 has exceeded AT&T’s expectations and that some AT&T stores had sold out of the Windows Phone, particularly the cyan model.

And it’s not only the devices that appear to be selling well. Nokia accessories are becoming harder to find. For example, the cyan case for the Lumia 900 is listed as “Out of Stock” over at AT&T’s website.  Sounds like blue is the color of choice for a lot of Windows Phone users.