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Updated: Latest Windows 10 screenshots from a Lumia 1520 reveal new tiles sizes, features & native apps


More screenshots have appeared of Windows 10 for Phones. These are from a Lumia 1520 running Windows 10 preview. While some screenshot confirm what we already have seen in demo of Windows 10 for Phones during January 21 event. But some of them reveal some new apps and features too.

We know that “Windows 10 Mobile” has been what Windows 10 for Phones is known internally, though need to be seen whether it will be called so upon public release. But the Build 8.15.12482.4 looks bit older than earlier revealed latest Build 8.15.12493.42 and it is “Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones” in the latest build.

Photo Albums is a new feature that allows auto creation of albums. You can set whether to show OneDrive images or not.

Multi-function calculator already seen on Windows 10 desktop Build 9926

New redesigned unit-conversion app.

The default camera app is Lumia Camera version

Cortana changes: Cortana now appears in Center and the “ask me anything” bar looks translucent. The settings hamburger menu is now moved to top left.   Mail app hasn’t changed much but the keyboard can be moved up for easy access.

You can set most recent schedule before shutting down your phone and you will be reminded.

Here is a UI change that has been rumored a lot and now new vertical and square Tile sizes are confirmed.

Redesigned phone dialer screen.

Universal XBox Video app

Universal Maps app with download offline maps option.

Translucent Tiles & full Wallpaper can be set across start menu and app lists. You can still choose dark theme and the app list still appears dark even after putting a wallpaper.

File manager is similar to Windows 8.1 file manager

New feedback app and universal alarm clock app

Personalization Settings with unknown advanced settings

Compact looking context-sensitive menu

New keyboard options

New keyboard can be adjusted to suit one-handed typing on devices like Lumia 1520. Also note the voice input button for speech to text input.

Integrated new audio-recording app with ability to share recorded audio via mail and store to  OneDrive. Still can’t record calls though.Similar application settings like Windows Phone 8.1


Redesigned Settings

We have earlier reported some screenshots from Windows 10’s Build 8.15.12493.42. You can read all about the changes and new features of Windows 10 for Phones at our dedicated page here. In case you want to know how to register as a Windows Insider for updating to Windows 10 preview, here is our step by step tutorial.


Thanks Xio-Feng for the tip. Cheers!!

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