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Latest Outlook Mail (Fix) & WhatsApp updates are quite buggy on Windows 10 Mobile


We usually expect apps updates to make them more stable and usable but sometimes it goes for a toss. Latest Outlook Mail & Calendar and WhatsApp updates have brought issues for many users on Windows 10 Mobile.

When you open the Outlook Mail app after the latest update you mayn’t see any of your configured accounts and inboxes in the Mail app. Though in our case after opening and closing the app 3-4 times and after going to Manage accounts options from settings, we slowly saw the accounts re-appearing and everything was back to normal.

WhatsApp has also become quiet buggy post the latest update that brought many UI changes and it can crash and mayn’t open at times just with a loading screen. You may even need to restart you device to get it back. This random behavior has its impact in different ways on different devices. For example one one device we haven’t faced issues while launching the app but it crashes at times, on other device it won’t open or keep loading

Thanks to everyone who sent us tips!!

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