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Jolla news: Sailfish Browser goes open source. 3D Print your other half. Two-paned file manager in development.


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Jolla has made their native Sailfish Browser open source. In a time when all the major platforms including Android are restricted in one way or another, Jolla is like a breath of fresh air.

We finally got all the preparations done and today is the day.

Sailfish Browser is Jolla’s first fully open source application! The public repository is here: https://github.com/sailfishos/sailfish-browser

Jolla has released the Other Half Developer kit and it has some 3D printing files as well. So, open-source lover, rejoice and rush to your next 3D-printing center. Here is the link.

Cargo Dock, a two-paned File manager is coming very soon for Jolla.


* two-paned filemanager (think of Norton Commander )
* can browse your file system, SD card, Android storage
* breadcrumbs menu for finding your way up the filesystem hierarchy quickly
* copy, link, delete files and folders
* rename files
* create folders
* change file permissions
* open files with their associated apps (e.g. a apk will be installed, a picture will be opened in the gallery; there are not many file type bindings available on Sailfish yet)
* Sailfish-style gesture-based UI

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