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#Jolla device will have a “developer mode” and native app store. Sailfish OS theme for #Nokia N9 in works!!!


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Jolla has provided some more information regarding the upcoming device and app eco-system. The upcoming device will have a developer mode and Jolla will have native app store and also collaborate with leading app stores.

At Maemo.org, Salifish OS them for Nokia N9 is in works and it will primarily focus on icons only for now.

I’m working on a Sailfish OS theme for Nokia N9. So far mainly on icons, not sure yet how much of a UI customization I’ll do. Icons are inspired by recent Jolla-in-action videos and my own imagination of what they could look like. All of them are available in 500x500px resolution & 3rd party apps are supported as well (as far as possible).

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