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In Q3 with 1.4 million shipments #Nokia becomes 4th largest smartphone brand in US market!!


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Nokia has officially confirmed that shipment in North American market has grown by 180% QoQ to 1.4 million in Q3. Now, this solid performance has pushed Nokia to 4th largest smartphone vendor rank ahead of all other vendors like Motorola, HTC and others.  It is just behind Apple, Samsung and LG. The Counterpoint research report says that Nokia had only 1.4% market share in Q2 and in Q3 it has grown its market share to 4.1%.

As much we have covered the top-selling charts in US market, we can confidently say that Lumia 520 / Lumia 521 is the major force behind this volume push also supported by wide availability of higher end Lumias across AT&T (+Aio Wireless), Verizon and T-Mobile (+MetroPCS).

According to Counterpoint research report,

Nokia has thus in the last few years of post-Symbian transition has worked more closely with multiple operators offering them highly differentiated exclusive products with targeted and unique value propositions. This extra effort has helped Nokia steadily  build its Lumia portfolio as well as win more shelf spaces at multiple carriers to reach at this inflection point to note, Nokia now has five Lumia models at AT&T and will add more (e.g. Lumia 1520), two models at Verizon Wireless, three models at T-Mobile and one model each at prepaid carriers – MetroPCS and Aio Wireless. Thus after a long time Nokia’s product portfolio looks broader,deeper and highly differentiated built by leveraging its head-turning design expertise, engineering experience, imaging, location, media assets along with Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, services and support.

Lumia 520/521& 920 were the top-selling models this quarter for Nokia followed by contributions from Lumia 925 & Lumia 928 at T-Mobile/AT&T and Verizon respectively.

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