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In a “PC Advisor poll”, Lumia 920 chosen as “most wanted smartphone regardless of price and contract” beating all other Flagships.


UntitledIn a 15th March dated “PC Advisor poll” for chosing “most wanted smartphone regardless of price and contractLumia 920 has emerged as the winner with 32% votes out of 28,750 respondents. It has beaten all other Flagships on its way to victory including recently launched SGS 4, iPhone 5, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z (which came second).

This win is certainly very impressive as we haven’t seen any Nokia/WP blog including us covering this poll dated 15th March. Even seems PC Advisor didn’t expect Lumia 920 to come top as winner and incorrectly mentions that Lumia 920 can be had at a SIM Free price of  £400. While the truth is that at major retailers like Clove Lumia 920 is still priced  £520 while Xperia Z can be had for only  £498.


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