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How to disable Google Home (Discover) Feed on Nokia & other Android smartphones


In this step by step tutorial, we will cover and demo how to disable Google Home Feed on Nokia and other Android smartphones. You can not only disable the Google Home feed but also can make your home screen scrollable in a never-ending manner.

So, in case you find the Google home feed not so useful here are the steps that you need to follow. We have you covered with a hands-on demo video too.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Step by step tutorial to disable Google Home Feed

  1. Long press on Home-screen

    Long press on your Home-screen to open the settings

  2. Tap on Home-screen

    Tap on Home settings to reveal the options

  3. Disable Google feed

    Go to “Display Google App” and disable it by toggling off. This will disable Google Home Feed.

  4. Screen cycle scroll

    For making your Home Screen scrolling never-ending enable the option “Screen cycle scroll”

  5. Video tutorial

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