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How to connect Nokia X, Nokia XL, Nokia X2 to PC running Windows XP & use USB tethering


Nokia-XL-Dual-SIM-jpgThis has been asked by many of you, so we searched for it and may be this works for you. You can connect your Nokia X, Nokia X+, Nokia XL or Nokia X2 to PC running Windows XP and even tether or use your devices as internet modem over USB.

You need to install tethering driver manually by following below steps,

  1. Save the attached zip file to your Windows XP computer and then unzip it.
  2. Use USB cable to connect your phone to your computer. No need to select any USB mode.
  3. On the phone, tap Settings to open the Settings menu.
  4. Tap Mobile data and networks, scroll down and tap Mobile hotspot.
  5. Check USB tethering, the status will change from USB Connected to Tethered.
  6. When Windows XP’s New Hardware Wizard opens on computer, select No, not at this time and click Next.
  7. Select Install from a list or specific location and click Next.
  8. Click Browse to browse to the directory where you saved the driver which downloaded in Step 1 and click Next.
  9. When Windows XP finishes installing the driver, click Finish. (You could find Remote NDIS interface under Network adapters in Device Manager.)
  10. Now computer network connection is valid and you can join it without any other configuration.
  11. If you want to deactivate tethering, just uncheck USB tethering and then network sharing will be stopped.
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