Nokia rocks in France while HTC loses… again

As we saw in earlier news, Windows Phone is doing quite well in France. Checking the Orange website we can actually see that 2 of the 5 top sold phones are Nokia phones. Being the AT&T of France, with a market share of 37%,...

DNA: Jolla smartphone has seen strong buyer’s interest throughout Finland.

DNA, the launch partner of Jolla in Finland has said in a press release today that Jolla smartphones have seen strong interest from buyers throughout the country.The interest in the phone box is strong throughout the country. One-third of the Finnish ennakkovaraajista is the...

At last a decent Nokia marketing campaign in The Netherlands

As an enthousiastic Dutch Windows Phone user it was hard to see that the phones weren't promoted very hard over here. But times have changed! Besides Nokia's Lumia 1020 TV commercials, billboards and ads in papers.... I now even received a flyer that focusses...

A small Nokia US market analysis

Hi all Nokiapoweruser fans, first of all I would like to say thanks to Kamal for letting me write on this great blog! Hope you all like my first article, I'm open for comments @rogerhendriks.After a little personal analyses of the US market it...

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