Argus insights report that Lumia 710 customers are the most satisfied/delighted of all the smartphone customers. The competition here is with likes of Iphone 4S, Galaxy Nexus, Motorola Razor, Galaxy note.

As you can see in the above table Lumia 710 hovers at the top of all smartphones in customer delight, which is defined as “how well product met customer’s expectations”.

The article also reveals that most of the Lumia 710 buyers are first time smartphone users and they are initially fascinated with the novelty of web surfing, music and games over voice services.  They believe this is because these are consumers new to smartphones and are delighted by the extra features beyond what their tired feature phone provided.

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As you can see from the Buzz and Delight Landscape the early Lumia customers are delighted with their new Nokia/Microsoft hybrid handset.  Similar to the Kindle Fire approach at targeting the pent up demand for lower priced tablets, the Lumia targets T-Mobile customers that have been on the smartphone fence, looking at the battle between Android and iPhone and waiting for the prices to fall enough so they can play too.  And they are delighted with how far their dollars are going.  When we examine what are the topics most discussed by Lumia users, it differs substantially from other smartphones.

Any whatsoever ways, this is kind of feedback Nokia requires from the US market.