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Germany: Nokia back to 1st & 4th rank in feature phones & overall Phones sales


We last reported about Nokia brand making a comeback to top rankings in terms of handset sales performance in many markets like Middle East, Russia, the UK, Indonesia and India. Globally it is back to the 8th rank. This report came via CounterPoint research.

But the good news doesn’t stop there as CounterPoint has reported the data from Germany, one of the strong Nokia market traditionally. Nokia brand has shown strong comeback here too. As per the report Nokia is back to top and 4th position in feature phones & overall Phones sales in Germany.

As per CounterPoint’s research, the bounce back can be attributed to the strong sales of entry level Nokia Android smartphones and feature phones.

With good performance in entry level smartphones and feature phones, Nokia HMD reached the top and fourth position in the feature phone segment and overall handset sales respectively

This report is for Q3 2017 and not all Nokia Android smartphones were available during this period in Germany. For example, Nokia 6 and Nokia 8 were not available during this time. So, with complete range of Nokia Phones being available in Q4 2017, one may expect better sales share in Q4 2017.

While this is another encouraging news for HMD and Nokia, there remains much more that can be. The good news is that HMD has been responsive to feedback and has already shown promise in terms of releasing timely updates and keeping the devices up to date and secure.

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