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Universal Flipkart Beta updated with unique feature “PING”



As we reported some days ago that Flipkart is working on a Private Beta for their next generation’s Universal Windows App. Some of us may be already in in that Private BETA Program. It seems to have good UI layout.
Surprisingly Today Flipkart Beta got a new update which Introduces a Brand new unique feature called Ping. It’s already available for iOS and Android now from this update it also available on Windows Mobile.The Flipkart’s Ping feature is Mobile Only and it isn’t available in PC or Tablet. Universal Flipkart Beta got an update for PC too but seems to bring nothing new.Ping is a feature which collaborates shopping experience with your family and friend. This messaging like feature helps in avoiding constant replacing and exchanging products. Using this feature you can decide with your family what to buy or not.

Soon it will become public.

Thanks Aakash Sharma for the tip


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