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[Video] Fix common Android Apps issues/problems on Nokia & other smartphones


In this tutorial, we cover and demo how to fix Android Apps issues/problems on Nokia & other Android smartphones. You may be facing issues like apps crashing with messages “unfortunately your app has stopped”, or “stop/close app”, apps not performing well, launching too slow and more.

You can go through following troubleshooting steps and check whether it solves your issue or not. We have also posted a detailed hands-on demo of these troubleshooting steps to make this tutorial more useful.

Time needed: 10 minutes

How to fix common Android Apps issues/problems

  1. Go to Settings–> Apps & Notifications–> App info

    Go to the app that is causing issues in the list and tap on it. Go to storage and you will see options for Clear Cache and Clear Data. First, tap on Clear Cache and check whether this fixes the issue

  2.  If it didn’t work tap on Clear Data and check whether this fixes the issue

    If both Clear Cache and Clear Data didn’t work check where the app is installed on SD Card or on internal storage

  3. If it was installed on SD card move it to internal storage

    This many times fixes the issue

  4. If still your app issue persists and it has started happening after an app update you can try uninstalling the update

    Check the hands-on video provided below for how to do it

  5. In case the app issue is still not resolved be in touch with the app developer and let him know by going to Google Play Store app listing

    If the developer doesn’t fix it uninstall the app and try an alternative app. You can check our Best apps series for some good alternative apps.

These steps should help you in taking care of all sorts of Apps issues on your Android smartphones.

Hands-on video tutorial:

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