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Windows 10 Mobile / Windows Phone initial setup tutorial


This tutorial is meant for first-time Windows 10 Mobile users who want a little help while setting up their Windows 10 Mobile devices initially. The video tutorial walks you through all the steps of the Windows 10 Mobile setup and you will feel familiar while doing it yourself. The Device on which we have demoed initial setup steps run the latest Windows 10 Mobile Build 10586.318.

Windows 10 Mobile Setup tutorial:

Windows Phone 8.1 Setup tutorial:

With Windows phone gaining in popularity many switchers come from Android and iOS world and while many get Windows Phone easy to setup and handle, for many it is not that smooth ride.

I know some first-time Windows Phone buyers, who came from Android phone and were little lost, while using their shiny new Lumias initially. There is huge difference between how these two operating system work and appear. From all icons and few widgets you come to handle something where everything is integrated into various tiles.

Keeping this in mind, we have created two Windows Phone setup tutorial videos which may be useful for the first-timers. Feel free to share them with those handling Windows Phone for the first time.

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