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Exclusive: Lumia 650 pricing leaks via Distributors’ listing


RM-1154 Lumia 650

We have seen and reported many leaks of Lumia 650 via various sources and you can read about Lumia 650 full specifications and real-life leaked image by clicking here. Days ago Lumia 650’s two variants RM-1150 and RM-1152 have passed certification at FCC. Read our full Lumia 650 coverage by clicking here.

Now we have some exclusive news about Lumia 650 thanks to our tipster “Marco”. Microsoft’ Distributors have already started listing Lumia 650 and while these links are hidden, our Tipster was able to find some of them and capture some images of the listings. These links are from some distributors in Czech Republic.

The links reveal probable pricing of Lumia 650’s both Dual-Sim variant RM-1154 and Single-Sim variants RM-1152 and RM-1150. It seems Lumia 650 will be priced around EUR 203 in Czech Republic and may be priced same or slightly less in other parts of Europe.

In case of Lumia 550, we saw similar leaks and revealed pricing was quite close to actual launch pricing of the device.


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