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Contract Lumia 1520 for $99 at Amazon. Get $200 off on Verizon Lumia 2520.


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Two awesome deals for you! While Lumia 1520 is back to $199 on-contract pricing at AT&T post Black Friday, Amazon is giving $100 discount and is selling on-contract Lumia 1520 for $99 only. This looks like best on-contract pricing for Lumia 1520 at the moment.

Amazon link

Verizon is offering savings of $200 on Lumia 2520. While $100 is due to its promotion on 4G Tablets, another $100 comes in picture when you buy it in combination with a Lumia 928, which is now free on-contract at Verizon. This makes it best Lumia Phone + Tablet combo deal in US. In comparison AT&T gives $200 off on Phone + Tablet bundle but none of the eligible devices Lumia 925, 1020 and 1520 are free on-contract.

You may be interested in reading our review of Lumia 928, before making a decision.

Verizon link

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