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CONTACT IS TYPING… new feature comes to Windows 10 mobile Messaging app


Microsoft introduced the complete new messaging app for Windows 10 Mobile already. It has lots of new features and abilities than old classical messaging app. Now some reports show a new feature of Messaging app of Windows 10 Mobile. Its a new feature that will show ‘Contact is typing… ‘ just like other Messaging apps like Whatsapp. The Text Messaging changes to “Chat” and you will also see the “Read” on Chat messages.

If you remember, we reported “Chat Settings” appearing on our Lumia 640 XL with a messaging update. It seems, depending upon the operator support, now one should be able to use these “Chat settings” for using Operator-enabled Chat instead of Text Messaging natively.


With these type of new features Windows 10’s inbuilt apps are getting close to other third party apps like Whatsapp in usability. See the detailed video below.

Still this feature is available only when supported by Network operators, so you may or may not be able to use this feature depending upon your carrier.

Via Gmrtec

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  • ahsal

    and this will be live after 1 year from now. the same as any app or platform from microsoft

    • Kamal

      It is already live but needs operator support.