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Both #Lumia & #Asha enjoyed volume growth in Q3 over Q2, confirms official press release!!


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This is official now!! The Nokia World press release has one small and important information hidden which tell us that both Asha and Lumia range have seen quarter on quarter volume growth in Q3 2013.

The quality and value that Nokia products deliver continues to grow as we partner with developers to introduce app experiences that are unique to Lumia and Windows Phone. And clearly, with Lumia and Asha smartphones enjoying quarter-on-quarter volume growth in Q3 2013, that quality and value is resonating with consumers around the world.

While our prediction based on Adduplex data gives us a volume of 9.7 million for Lumia, but considering the fact that last quarter we predicted 8.4 and actual was 7.4. So, using this factor gives us a Lumia volume outlook of 8.5 million for Q3. Let us if actual Lumia sales can touch this target.

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