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BBM Beta updated to Version Full changelog & known issues


Quick Heads-up!! BBM Beta which went public some days ago, has been updated to version v100.0.0.23. Here is the full changelog and known issues.

Full Changelog:

Since the last beta build, we’ve focused on quality improvements and fixed many of the issues that you’ve raised to us. Some of the most common fixed issues are below:

· Contacts lose their avatars

· Toast message for invite when the app signing in

· Country and Time does not always show up

· Contacts / Chats / Feeds screens slow to re-appear when returning from another screen

· Emoticons are not rendering properly

· And many localization improvements

 Change-up your testing and try something new!

· Add a new contact in person with the barcode or using the suggested contacts feature.

· Chat with them and share a picture.

· If you’ve added a few new contacts, start a group!

· Follow changes using the Feeds panel, and give your contacts something to view in theirs by updating your avatar (display picture)

Known Issues:

This build contains many fixes for issues you’ve been reporting. Please report any new issues that you discover while testing and using the BBM app.

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