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Apps updates: WP8.1 Video (full changelog), Nokia Camera Beta, MixRadio, 6Snap, Nokia Xpress and more


apps-updMy Lumia 525 has received no. of important apps updates. Time to check what these updates bring.

WP8.1 Video Changelog:

  • The Xbox Video tile on the home screen now supports custom backgrounds and theme colors, without the need of a 3rd Party App.
  • We used the telemetry info from the last release to track down and fix a stability issue that over the last 30 days was causing 75% of our reported unexpected application exits.
  • We fixed several download issues related to licensed content:
  • Some downloaded content was not available to play when the phone was offline (i.e. the phone did not have an internet connection or was in Airplane mode).
  • Certain behind-the-scenes timing issues could create an edge case where a piece of licensed content could not be downloaded.
  • Some downloaded content could not be played after switching to streaming via the UI.
  • Additional fixes include:
  • An unexpected application exit after purchasing a TV season with a large number of shows.
  • Choppiness/frame rate stutter after resuming playback.
  • Links to TV seasons listed in Featured Sets were pointing to the details pages for the wrong season in that TV series.
  • An intermittent issue where Movie and TV Collections sometimes appeared empty when the phone was offline.
  • In some cases, purchased Movie and TV content was not showing in a user’s collection.
  • Multiple localization issues.

Nokia Camera Beta:

– Fix for Camera Roll Delays
– Fix for crash caused when reframing pictures captured with front facing camera can cause the camera to crash.
– Fix For Corrupt Videos when recording over 4GB limit.
– Other Bugfixes and Improvements

Nokia MixRadio:

No changelog provided


– Add a on-screen button to screenshot (for Lumia 630/635), you can also use the physical camera button
– Improve polish translation
– Bug fixes

Nokia Xpress:

– “You May Also Like”: See similar topics you may also like based on your browsing history
– Bug fixes

Flickr Booth:

– Added Flickr blog, weekly Flickr, Getty collection and commons project to explore
– Added search in Getty collection, commons project and photos from galleries in photo search options
– Added ability to select the thumbnail size to the photo embed HTML code
– Added filmstrip navigation to photo viewer to easily jump to other photos from the same context straight from the viewer
– Bug fixes.

Facebook messenger:

Groups: Now you can create groups for the people you message most. Name them, set group photos and keep them all in one place.

Instant photo sharing: Take a photo and send it in just one tap. Plus, it’s easier to send photos from your gallery.

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