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All about Windows 10 Phones USB support: What’s in & What’s not?



We have earlier reported about how Windows 10 for Phones will bring much better USB support via WinHec PPT. Time to go into details and see what all is supported or not supported with Windows 10 for Phones, when it comes to USB. There seems to be a good enough range of USB drivers that are supported. For example: USB mass storage, Serial devices, Bluetooth, Audio in / out and as we already know USB Mice / Keyboard is supported too.

But there are some desired features that are not supported, like USB printing and USB video (WebCam). Check the below table. Though all these are supported in Windows 10 for Desktop. May be Microsoft can bring these two to Phones.

USB Host class drivers Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones Windows 10 Technical Preview for desktop editions (Home, Pro, and Enterprise)
USB Hubs (USBHUB) Yes Yes (Since Windows 2000)
HID – Keyboard/Mice (HidClass, KBDCLass, MouClass, KBDHid, MouHid) Yes Yes (Since Windows 2000)
USB Mass Storage (Bulk & UASP) Yes Yes (Since Windows 2000)
Generic USB Host Driver (WinUSB) Yes Yes (Since Windows Vista)
USB Audio in / out (USBAUDIO) Yes Yes (Since Windows XP)
Serial Devices (USBSER) Yes Yes (Since Windows 10 Technical Preview)
Bluetooth (BTHUSB) Yes Yes (Since Windows XP)
Print (usbprint) No Yes (Since Windows XP)
Scanning (USBSCAN) No Yes (Since Windows 2000)
WebCam (USBVIDEO) No Yes (Since Windows Vista)
Media Transfer Protocol (MTP Initiator) No Yes (Since Windows Vista)
Remote NDIS (RNDIS) No Yes (Since Windows XP)
IP over USB (IPoverUSB) No Yes (New for Windows 10 Technical Preview)

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