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Florian Seiche is new HMD CEO, Pekka Rantala new Executive Vice President

HMD has finally appointed Florian Seiche as the new CEO after surprise exit of Arto Nummela three months ago. Florian Seiche was in fact appointed as the acting CEO after Arto Nummela. Now, this appointment may confirm that HMD board that also has senior Nokia executives as its members has grown its faith in Florian Seiche. Florian

Best deals (UK) on Nokia 8 (£454), Nokia 6, Nokia 5 (£149) & Nokia 3 (£119)

Nokia 3, 5, 6 and 8 are now available in the UK for the official pricing of £129.99, £169.99, £199.99 and £499.99 respectively. In this article, we are listing some best online deals on these four smartphones in the UK. Nokia 8 is available to buy for just £454.99 on eBay. Provided below

Before unveil Nokia 2 undergoes hardware changes to improve performance

All Nokia 2 variants that earlier passed certification at FCC have been relisted in new certifications at the certification authority. New TA-1029, TA-1023, TA-1007 and TA-1035 certifications reveal a hardware change that will improve the performance of the device. The letter accompanying these new certifications talks about this hardware change but

Nokia 8 Performance test: Browsing (25 Tabs), Gaming & Multitasking hands-on

We have tested the real-life performance of the Nokia 8 in this performance testing video. Nokia 8, being the flagship Nokia smartphone, we have conducted this test in heavy usage scenario. This means one may be browsing with lots of tabs, playing heavy games and multitasking with many tabs, games,