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HMD willing to unlock Bootloader of Nokia Android Phones, one device at a time

HMD has a change of heart it seems after lots of request from enthusiasts, who would love to get their Nokia Android Phone Bootloader unlocked. After first tweeting that they don't want to unlock the bootloader of Nokia Android smartphones because of security concerns, HMD has now agreed to do

Exclusive: Nokia 3310 3G not coming to India, headed to Australia & USA

HMD just made Nokia 3310 3G version official and it is certainly headed to Australia and USA, where the 2G network has been dismantled. This has been confirmed by Nokia Mobile on Twitter. Now, in case you are holding your breath for Nokia 3310 3G version to come to India, you

HMD launches new Nokia 3310 3G version. Price, Release Date & all that you need to know.

HMD has now made much-desired Nokia 3310 3G version official. We had reported earlier it passing certification at FCC and now it has been unveiled officially. By launching the 3G version of highly successful Nokia 3310 (2017), HMD has ensured that Nokia 3310 can even reach markets like Australia and

HMD to launch Nokia Phones offering Android zero-touch enrollment experience soon

Google recently announced, "Android zero-touch enrollment experience" targeted at Enterprise customers. HMD is listed by Google as one of the partners that will bring new Android smartphones with zero-touch update experience. Nokia 2 and Nokia 9 are two of the upcoming Nokia Android phones which have featured in lots of

HMD: Won’t unlock Bootloader on Nokia Phones but will share Kernel modifications with community

HMD has launched four Nokia Android phones Nokia 3, 5, 6 and 8 until now. While the phones have received generally positive reviews and enthusiastic response from buyers, power users and enthusiasts have not been exactly happy. The fact that the HMD has decided to ship all devices with the