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Clove: Nokia 3, 5 & 6 demand far exceeding expectations forced HMD to delay UK release

The UK is a market where we have seen Nokia 3, 5 and 6 pre-orders appearing and disappearing multiple times. Clove opened and pulled pre-orders for Nokia Android Phones at least three times already. Amazon opened pre-orders for Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 only to pull them subsequently. We last reported

Instagram begins blocking offensive comments, introduces spam filter in nine languages


In its continuous effort to further make Instagram a safer and cleaner platform for users, Facebook is introducing two new tools that will make Instagram a safe place for self-expression. These two additions include a filter to block certain offensive comments and a spam filter in nine different languages. These tools

Nokia Technologies gets (Ex-Samsung) Gregory Lee as its new President


Nokia has appointed ex-Samsung executive Gregory Lee as the new president for its brand-licensing, Digital Health and Digital Media business arm Nokia Technologies. He will also join as a member of the Nokia Group Leadership Team. Gregory Lee has served in Samsung for 13 years, most recently in the role of

Nokia Phones TA-1017 & TA-1034 images revealed via Tenna certifications

We just reported about Nokia Phones TA-1017 and TA-1034 passing certification in Indonesia. But now these two have also passed certification at China's certification agency Tenna. The Tenna certifications for TA-1017 and TA-1034 has testing images of these two phones. The images reveal that TA-1017 and TA-1034 are upcoming Nokia feature

Two new Nokia Phone variants TA-1017 & TA-1034 appear in certifications

We have been reporting about Nokia 7, Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 appearances in various Benchmarks and certifications. Nokia 9 especially has been leaked multiple times with more and more information about specs, design and more. Now two more previously unknown variants of a new Nokia Android Phone has appeared in certifications