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Nokia CEO: Will focus on “Digital Health”. Wearables (Smart Band / Watch) coming!!

Nokia has just launched its new Nokia Technologies business practice called "Digital Media" with "Nokia OZO", as its first product. A related great news, that will be welcomed by all Nokia enthusiasts is that Nokia will manufacture OZO in Finland and this doesn't come as a surprise to us, because

Sticky Notes HD goes free as myAppFree app of the day for limited time

The Windows Phone app which has gone free next as myAppFree app of the day is Sticky Notes HD. By this app  you can jot down any note or reminder that matters to you. Sticky Notes HD Details: A NEW WAY TO INTERACT WITH NOTES Take UNLIMITED notes with a unique and accurate

Come October, Windows 10 Mobile will come to these Lumia devices first

Windows 10 Mobile will enter RTM stage sometime around September and after introduction of new Lumia Flagships in October, it will start rolling out to existing Lumia devices around the world, confirm our sources. Now comes the tricky part. The update will not come to all the devices simultaneously but

Surfy browser & Translator for Windows Phone get updated

Time for some new updates!!!! Surfy browser has received a new updates for Windows Phone Devices. The new version is 5.18.3. The latest update brings improved HTML5 games. Surfy Changelog: Fixed issue with HTML5 games not installing. HTML5 Games no longer show tabs when dragging. Install Link Translator also updated with Windows Phone Devices. However

POV: OZO, it’s vintage Nokia!! Design, Innovation & market-defining potential

With Nokia OZO, the first virtual-reality capture camera, Nokia, the vintage Nokia seems to be back in more ways than one!! The disruptive & market creator Nokia, that has once defined "Phone" market is back. OZO is claimed to be the first virtual reality capture camera ever and the only company

Nokia Q2 ’15 results: EUR 352 mi profit, Sales & margins grow for all businesses

Nokia has announced its Q2 2015 results and there is much to cheer for fans and investors!! All three businesses have seen sales and margin growth on a year on year basis. Nokia has reported a  profit of EUR 352 million up 535% YOY. Read the highlights and CEO Rajeev

Windows 10 Mobile to get new features at release. Surface Phone teased.

In an interview, Microsoft's Execs have teased and revealed some interesting tidbits about timing of upcoming features in Windows 10 Mobile and how Microsoft Mobile phone portfolio will look in near future. As per Joe Belfiore, broader features set of Windows 10 Mobile is already done and we have in