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VLC app with background audio submitted to store. Public Beta in coming days

We last reported about "VLC dev gets background audio working. Public Beta may come soon". Now, some progress has been made and the update VLC app with background audio has been submitted to the store. Just sent to the Windows Phone Store a new version of VLC. Crossing fingers. It brings

Acacia Research gets more patents from Nokia in a new agreement

Acacia Research, a technology licensing company has acquired more patents from Nokia in the field of Networking. This agreement is understood to help Acacia in strengthening its presence in technology licesing with some top 2G/3G/LTE and LTE-Advance patent portfolio. The payment terms of this agreement are not known yet. Acacia Research

Adduplex highlights: WP8.1 on 58%, LG’s new device, Lumia 535 & Lumia 730 rise in India and more

Time for Adduplex December 2014 report highlights!! Worldwide share: Lumia 630 and Lumia 635 keeps on growing. OS versions: Windows Phone 8.1 now runs on 58% of all Windows Phone devices out there. Top countries with Windows Phone 8.1: Netherlands has Windows Phone 8.1 on 75% of devices. US Windows Phone OS share: Windows Phone 8.1 on 46.6%

Report: Android apps on Windows 10 still an option. Microsoft will close app gap by managing top ISVs

Well, if latest report from ZDNet has to be believed, Microsoft still is considering Android apps on Windows 10 as an option to close the app gap. While we have always considered it as an ambitious yet nonviable idea, the reports claims that a decision is still pending with Microsoft

Windows Phone raked in 5.8% of smartphone sales this holiday week, claims report

  If reports from analysis firm Flurry has to be taken into account, there is something to cheer for Windows Phone fans, this holiday!! As per the report, Microsoft smartphones (Mostly Lumias as per the report) have made up for 5.8% of the total smartphone activations during the week leading up

More evidence that Windows Mobile 10 will be the name of Windows 10 for Phone

With leak of latest Windows 10 build, Build 9901, one interesting possibility came to light and it seems Windows Mobile will replace Windows Phone as the name of Microsoft's new Windows 10 smartphone operating system. Now, a LinkedIn profile throws more light on this possibility and it seems the Windows 10

Aeries for Twitter (Beta) updated with fixes and improvements

Aeries, one of the Twitter client for Windows Phone has received a new update. The new version is 2014.1229.1137.4134 Beta. The updates brings French and Portuguese (Brazil) localization,  Better reliability of unread indicators, Tubecast support and more. Aeries Changelog: - Fixed bug where replying to tweets wouldn't be seen as a reply. -

Lumia 930 to get a fix for display discoloration on some units

It seems, some of Lumia 930 users have been still facing issue related to screen discoloration or wrong color calibration as confirmed by official @Lumiahelps account. You may remember that a firmware update for Lumia 930 fixed purple tint issue of display for many users earlier. Good news is that an

PlaceCam goes free as myAppFree app of the day for limited time

The Windows Phone app, which has gone free next as myAppFree  app of the day is PlaceCam . This app allows you to tag your picture with places. PlaceCam Details: PlaceCam allows you to tag your picture with places. Customize your shots as you wish! You can add an hashtag, choose the tamplate, colors

6tin & Amazon App for Windows Phone updated with bug fixes

Time for some new updates!!!! 6tin app has received a new update for Windows Phone Devices. the new version is The new version brings bug fixes. 6tin Changelog: - solve disconnecting problem when using background agent Install Link Amazon app also updated with version for Windows Phone Devices. The update brings performance improvement. Amazon app