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6tag update adds location support, Nokia Play To adds up to 4K resolution support with latest update

Two important apps have seen updates!! 6tag: arguably the best Instagram app for Windows Phone has received an update which enables location support. - be able to use location included into the file when you use a picture from the phone - go back to your position after a regram - bugfixes Nokia Play to: The app

Leaked Android HERE Beta works with Nokia X2 & probably other Nokia X devices too

We just reported about HERE Beta apk for Android (Samsung Galaxy) smartphones leaking out. You can click on the link, given in the post to download the apk file. Some reports claimed it worked on non-Samsung hardware too. So, I put it to test and tried to install it on Nokia

HERE Beta apk for Android (Samungs Galaxy) leaks out. Download link.

Update: Click here to download the latest HERE Maps Android APK. Seems, fellas at XDA have somehow managed to locate HERE Beta apk for Samsung Galaxy smartphones, which should be officially out in early October, as promised by Nokia at the time of announcement. For your info, Samsung licensed HERE Maps to

Bing (MSN) Health & Fitness & MSN Weather updates bring Lock-Screen support

  Microsoft has today unveiled new MSN and will roll-out the same over the course of next 72 hours. What is more important for Windows Phone users, is the fact that not only all Bing apps will be renamed as MSN apps, but MSN Health & Fitness & Weather apps have picked

Windows Phone 8.1 accounts for more than 50% apps downloads, In-app purchases best monetization model

Microsoft has shared details about recent Windows and Windows Phone Store trends across categories, markets, and more. There are some surprising and some interesting take aways from the analysis. 1) Windows Phone 8.1 now responsible for more than 50% of app downloads, Windows Phone 7 relegated to less than 5%. This

WP8.1 now on 39% of devices. Lumia 630 / 635 2nd most sold Lumia now, make worldwide gains

 Adduplex's report for month of September shows Windows Phone 8.1 now running on 39% of devices. It has gained 14.7% of user-base share in month of September coinciding with the Lumia Cyan worldwide release. It shows why in terms of update availability and reach Windows Phone is much better than

Kart Fighter 3 from Red Bull now available on Windows Phone store. Trailer video

Highly popular Kart racing game from Red Bull, Kart Fighter 3 is now available on Windows Phone store. The games already enjoys huge number of downloads and very good ratings on both iOS and Android. Good news is that it is free to play for Windows Phone users too!! Read the

Mark the Date: Microsoft sends invitation for 1st October event in India. Lumia 730, 830 & 930 incoming

  Didn't we tell you, "not many days left" and it won't be 30th September? Nokia India (Microsoft Mobile) has teased "what's next", in the official invitation (above), for an upcoming launch event on October 1. So, we may see Lumia 730, Lumia 830 and Lumia 930 getting launched in Indian market

There may be a hidden “Network Profile” settings on your Lumia devices

Once upon a time it was "USB settings" which was found hidden on some devices via new universal search feature of Windows Phone 8.1. It was later present though on devices coming with Lumia Cyan pre-installed. The absence of USB settings on old devices was understood to be due to

Weekend Roundup: Cortana update, Static IP & Network+ updates, Bendgate witnesses, Lumia 830 availability, Windows TH, Z launcher update & more

Time for our weekend roundup, where we do a roundup of all the super-interesting stuff covered over weekend, so that in case you didn’t get a chance to be online on weekends, you don’t miss them!! So, here are the highlights. Lumia Cyan for DP brings Static IP & Network+ service

Lumia 930 gets listed at Nokia Shop as coming soon. Not many days left!!

  So, it's happening and after reappearing at Nokia India site, Lumia 930 is now listed at Nokia Shop with coming soon tag and this usually means sooner launch. We have it from many of our sources and tipsters that Lumia 930 along with Lumia 730 and Lumia 830 will be