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Nokia is certainly planning something related to Camera & Android (may be other platforms too)

It is getting sort of confirmed now that Nokia is planning something related to bringing its unbeatable camera quality and Android in one place. While we reported some job openings hinting about Nokia's possible plans about bringing a "connected smart camera" based on Android, now one more job posting gives

Teaser: “Something coming to Windows Phone, which can upset the entire world across”

A Senior Software Development Engineer at Microsoft, Jerry Berg AKA  Barnacules Nerdgasm, has appeared on a podcast to tease that Something earth-shattering is coming to Windows Phone. “something is going to happen in the windows phone space which is going to upset the entire world across anything,” ending with “wait for it,

Fun fact: Cortana gets four World cup Football match predictions right in a row

Cortana got the ability to predict Match outcomes recently via a service update in background. Now, looks like it has a very accurate prediction engine running in background as, it has got all the four predictions about upcoming football matches right, since the time it got the ability to predict

Windows Phone 8.1 to get Start screen folders creation natively (By dropping one live tile over another)

Look what we found! While Windows Phone 8.1 brings so many welcome changes in terms of start screen customizations, the only way you can get folders there is by using "App Folder". The process of creating and pinning folders to start screen with App Folder however is not very intuitive.

Microsoft India says Windows Phone 8.1 rollout in first two weeks of July

Microsoft India's official Twitter account has revealed in reply to a user query that Windows Phone 8.1 will start rolling out to existing Windows Phone 8 devices in first two weeks of July. This looks quite possible as in India smartphones are usually unlocked and don't need approval from carriers

Job posting reveals Microsoft planning custom Windows Phone 8.1 experience for China

China, the largest smartphone market has been elusive to Nokia and Microsoft largely till now. Microsoft realizes this and also knows about the potential that China market with over one billion mobile subscribers possesses. That's why, Microsoft seems to tackle this situation by making a new team called "OSG China

Nokia has big future plans for Z Launcher. New business model & cloud integration coming

When Nokia unveiled Z launcher for Android devices, many were questioning this move from Nokia. Nokia offered Z launcher as a free download for limited number of supported devices and while it was received very positively by tech community, some wondered how does this make sense amongst the number of

evleaks claims Microsoft in final stages of licensing Nokia brand? To replace Surface branding with Lumia for Tablets

evleaks claims that Microsoft is in final stages of licensing Nokia brand to call its handsets ( we will assume they mean for Lumia / Asha devices, as Microsoft has already licensed Nokia name for feature phones) as "Nokia by Microsoft". The other part of tweet claims that Surface brand

Cortana gets service update. Now can predict Football match outcomes

Marcus Ash, the Group Program Manager for Cortana on Windows Phone has revealed in a tweet that Cortana has been updated in background. The latest update lets it predict football match outcomes beforehand. He has also posted the above screenshot of Cortana predicting outcome of Belgium vs US game. @CosminVasile New