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More Lumia 929 leaks

[embedit snippet="fluids"] I know we are all very excited about the Lumia 929, trust me so am I since I am a verizon customer.  More information has been leaked about this device, but first we are going to cover what we already know incase you missed something. 5 inch screen 1080p display 2 GB

Nokia Video Director

[embedit snippet="fluids"] Nokia Video Director is a new application that allows you to capture video from your windows phone and quickly transfer it to you nokia tablet.  The app allows you to start working on a video project from your phone and then pick it back up on your tablet.  

Weekend Watch: Black Sabbath Live-concert recorded with Lumia 1520. Two other rich-recording samples.

[embedit snippet="fluids"] Lumia 1520 is the latest live-concert recording champ from house of Nokia and rightly so, as it improves upon the already awesome rich-recording quality of earlier Lumias. With its 4 HAAC mics it records directional stereo audio and top that with 20 MP Pureview camera with OIS and it

Lumia 1520 shines in imaging & video capture camera comparison with Galaxy Note 3.

[embedit snippet="fluids"] PhoneArena has posted comparison review between Lumia 1520 and Galaxy Note 3 and we have taken sample pictures and videos from their article to find out how these two compare against each other. PhoneArena concludes Lumia 1520 taking more detailed images than Galaxy Note 3 and that the difference

Jolla: There are things that the world hasn’t seen yet. Nokia has been good to them.

Jolla device

[embedit snippet="fluids"] In an interview with ZDNet, Jolla CTO Stefano Mosconi has discussed about all things Jolla. There are some interesting points, some strategical insights and some tall claims as well. Mosconi talks about kind of 'guys' who may have lapped up first full batch of Jolla device. Nonetheless, the first batch

Newkia appoints ex-Nokian Urpo Karjalainen as CEO.

[embedit snippet="fluids"]   You may have heard about Newkia, a firm founded by ex-Nokians post announcement of Nokia's D&S division sales to MS. Newkia Chairman Thomas Zilliacus who has himself headed Asia-Pacific sales team of Nokia has appointed another ex-Nokian Urpo Karjalainen as the new CEO. He has also mentioned that Newkia

GDR3 to hit Lumia 520, 620 and 1020 in January 2014,confirms Telus. Changelog.

[embedit snippet="fluids"] Some confirmation coming from Canadian carrier Telus about expected release date of GDR3 update. According to the schedule provided by Telus, Lumia 520, 620 and 1020 will receive the update in January. Though they are still waiting for submission of GDR3 software for testing, but this gives us a

Nokia official videos: Sustainability – Connecting people for a better world & Lumia 1320 – Big and beautiful

[embedit snippet="fluids"] We love Nokia for many reasons and one of them is certainly the way they care for the planet. Time and again Nokia has undertaken initiatives which are for larger benefit of society and they are unmatched by even bigger and more profitable organizations in their care for humankind.

That’s huge! Lumia 520 5th & Lumia 521 9th top seller on Amazon’s “Best Sellers in Cell Phones & Accessories” list.

[embedit snippet="fluids"] Lumia 520 and 521 have been on top of the Amazon's no-contract cell phones list since the time these were released and we have seen Lumia volume swelling in US in Q3, 2013. But this Thanksgiving one can see huge volume uptake for both these devices at Amazon. As can

Facebook app for Win8.1 gets major update. VLC player team gets audio support for the app.

 [embedit snippet="fluids"] @videolan hey guys do you work on a WP8 version too? Please just to know it would be great for me PLEASE! — genuinefrand (@genuinefrand) November 18, 2013   VLC player team has finally got the audio working for their Win8 application it seems. This was a major obstacle in releasing final