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#Lumia1520 launched in Hong Kong. Priced HKD 5998 ($773). Goes on sales from 15th November.

[embedit snippet="fluids"] Hong Kong has become the first market where Lumia 1520 has been launched officially.  The pricing is HKD 5998 ($773) and it will be available in three colors Black, White and Yellow. The device will go on sales from 15th November according to the source article. Have a look

Windows Phone grows by 165% YoY in Q3. #Nokia accounts for 95% of WP shipments, says ABI research!!

[embedit snippet="fluids"] Latest stats released by "ABI research" reveals that Windows Phone has accounted for 4% of 244 million smartphone shipment volume in Q3 of 2013. This marks jump of 165% Year-on-Year in Windows Phone shipment volume. Nokia accounts for 95% of this shipment volume. So, calculating further it seems, total

Must Watch: Dommin’s new official music video “So Alone”. Filmed entirely using Nokia Lumia 1020!

[embedit snippet="fluids"] This one has kind of music I like and it has been shot entirely using a Lumia 1020. I am talking about latest official music video "So Alone" by band "Dommin". It seems Lumia 1020 is fast becoming choice of many video makers to replace their dedicated cameras. Just

MS-Nokia Devices & services business deal gets approved by Indian competition panel.

[embedit snippet="fluids"] MS-Nokia Devices & services business deal has got approval from Indian Fair trade watchdog CCI. Actually for this deal to materialize MS and Nokia may need to get similar approvals in other countries and regions as well. While many Nokia fans still have faint hopes of this deal not going

#Nokia wins patent case against #HTC in UK. Patent infringed by various HTC devices including the HTC One.

[embedit snippet="fluids"] Quick heads-up!! Nokia has scored an emphatic win in patent case against HTC in UK. The patent in question is EP0998024 which is a pretty powerful mobile phone hardware patent according to FOSS patents. According to the High court's ruling, the patent is valid and is infringed by various

Innovations: Nokia gets patent on “Foldable Battery”. May lead to super-thin & truly curved devices.

We keep on talking about Nokia's patent portfolio and continuous focus on innovations. A recent Nokia patent reveals something which if gets to manufacturing may revolutionize the size and form factors of devices as we see them now. Nokia has got a patent on "Foldable Battery". As can be seen

Nokia to monetize the yet unlicensed “90% of patents portfolio”, including those retained for only Nokia products till now.

[embedit snippet="fluids"] In its earning call, Nokia has talked about monetizing its unlicensed patents which constitute 90% of the total patent portfolio. So, till now the patent royalty Nokia was earning which has a run rate of 0.5 Billion EUR is just based on 10% of its patent wealth monetization. These

#Lumia1520 at Cyberport Germany has 21st Nov delivery date. #Lumia2520 in four colors listed for € 599.00.

[embedit snippet="fluids"] German retailer Cyberport has listed Lumia 1520 for € 799.00 like other German retailers and the device can be pre-ordered. But good part about Cyberport listing is that retailer has mentioned a delivery date of 21st November, which looks legit. There is an offer of Fatbag and Flipcase as

NSN wins largest foregin vendor share in China Mobile tender & Oi Brasil’s LTE and 3G/ GSM upgrade deal.

[embedit snippet="fluids"] Nokia has predicted solid outlook for NSN in Q4 and NSN has already scored two wins. One is previously reported share win in China Mobile's TD LTE tender which has now grown bigger than all other non-Chinese vendors due to 11% awarded market share and another low single digit

Lumia 1020 RAW & processed samples. Full-size Lumia 1520 samples, directional stereo & more about imaging innovations.

[embedit snippet="fluids"] One company which has pushed the boundaries of mobile imaging and brought it closer than ever to threaten compacts and DSLRs quality wise, has to be Nokia. Now, Nokia breaks one more barrier and brings RAW image capture capability to Lumia 1020 and 1520. Have a look at the