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Bytes: MS promotes Lumia 521 targetting off-contract SGS 4. Itsdagram name changed to “Instance” in latest update.

MS's windows phone team is getting more and more aggressive with their advertisements lately. Directly targeting iPhone and SGS 3 and 4 with "wedding advertisement," "Stunner vs bummer" campaign and low-light adverts etc. In the latest advertisement promoting "awesome for the price" Lumia 521 they have almost called off-contract SGS 4 waste

White Lumia 928 in stock at Amazon now. Climbs to 11th rank on contract phone best seller list.

White Lumia 928 is back in stock at Amazon now and it has climbed up to the Amazon's best seller list. Currently it is at 11th rank. In case you are surprised to White overtaking Black Lumia 928 in sales, then thing is Black Lumia 928 is still out of

Lumia 928 sells out at Radioshack. Still one of the most popular devices at the retailer.

Seems Lumia 928 has sold out at Radioshackwireless which is one of the retailers with best deal for Lumia 928. Both the colors are out of stock and it says "Ships when available". On clicking the ships when available link, it talks about overwhelming demand for Lumia 928. Good to hear that but

Bytes: Windows phone to PC sync app comes out of Beta. Nokia brings “leap motion” tech to Here Maps. Can obey gestures now!!

Nokia has brought leap motion technology to its 3D Here Maps. Now you can use  (in case available with you) a connected leap motion sensor to your PC and explore the Here Maps by using simple gestures. Have a look at the demo video below for more and click here for

Lumia 520, 720 and 920 best sellers across many Indian retailers!!

In stock Lumia 520 has become top-selling device for last few days at online retailer Snapdeal in India. Even Lumia 720 is the 4th top seller device at the retailer. Very impressive, as Snapdeal has got 1071  phones on the list!! Snapdeal link   At Saholic, both Lumia 520 and Lumia 920 are right there in the

Lumia 928 vs iPhone 5: Concert video capture comparison. We know the results, right?

@easycapexpertti tipped us about this video which compares audio capture comparison between Lumia 928 and iPhone 5. Like its siblings from  Lumia 620 upwards, Lumia 928 also has three HAAC mics for amazing undistorted audio capture and OIS for great low light imaging and videos which make them concert recording

Many leaked pictures of Lumia 925 running GDR2 OS +Amber firmware update. Upcoming features in pictures!!

A WPC forum user has posted many pictures of Black Lumia 925 running WP8 GDR2 OS update and Amber Firmware update. The pictures demo features like Sleeping screen (above picture), FM radio, Double tap to wake up, display color and saturation control, ISO up to 3200, Flip to silence, data sense and much more. Check

Lumia 925 on pre-order enters into Vodafone Germany’s top selling phones list!!

  Lumia 925 which is on pre-order at Vodafone Germany has now made it to the top-selling phones list at the carrier. This is the Vodafone exclusive 32 GB version of Lumia 925. The pre-order page mentions availability from beginning of June. Good news is that Lumia 920 is still on this top devices list,