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New “facebook for Windows Phone” Beta is out. Needs volunteers for Beta-testing the app.

New "Facebook for Windows Phone" Beta is out, but will not be available at Windows Phone store  by search for now. MS is rather encouraging volunteers for helping them in Beta testing of the new version of the application which will bring many sought after features like new support for high-res

Nokia will make a global announcement in India on 9th of May. Nokia 501 or some new Lumia?

Nokia has sent invite to global tech media for a 9th may event in New Delhi. The invite just mentions "Time to shift gears" :). So, seems Nokia is planning to speed up new product introductions. Though they have gathered some speed with Lumia 720, 520, Nokia 105 and Asha 210 launches but may

Next PureView? Nokia to invest in startup “Pelican imaging”, which masters software for “Array Cameras”!!

Bloomberg reports that Nokia's venture-capital arm Nokia Growth Partners plans to invest in California startup Pelican Imaging. This startup Pelican is one of the companies that master the software behind new imaging technology known as Array cameras. These Array cameras use multiple optics and mesh the data into one image, and

Lumia 521 sold out completely on Home Shopping Network (HSN) in US!!

T-Mobile bound Lumia 521 went on sale at HSN which is the first retailer for device in US. Though it is selling at no-contract price of $149.95, but when it was listed on 26th April for the first time it was already trending as "Best seller". Check now and it is completely sold

Lumia 920 vs SGS 4 vs iPhone 5: Low light (Near Dark) comparison!!

Lumia 920 has been really the low-light camera champ for quite sometime now, smoking every contender which claims to be "so much 2013" in process. We already know how it has performed against iPhone 5 and SGS 3 in many tests. So, now with launch of SGS 4 the question will be on

KWP report: Windows Phone making steady gains in Europe, USA, Australia and China markets.

According to latest Kantar Worldpanel report, Windows phone is steadily gaining market share in major European countries, USA, Australia and China. In EU5 countries its market share has reached to 6.5%. In USA we have already reported it reaching to 5.6%. In UK and France it has reached 7% and in

Nokia 105 to hit European markets soon with $20 price tag.

Nokia 105 which can arguably be defined as the most "bang for bucks" Nokia phone is heading to Europe after being launched in India. According to the reports it will be priced $20 and thus be the cheapest Nokia phone with colored display one has ever owned. This is ideally targeted

Lumia 520 in many colors sold out at top retailer Flipkart. Lumia 720 still ruling the bestseller chart!!

  Both Lumia 520 and Lumia 720 are doing very well at India's top retailer Flipkart. While Lumia 520 has sold out again for the nth time and Black, Cyan and Red model are out of stock , Lumia 720 continues its strong chartbuster show. It is still the no. 1 bestseller phone at Flipkart even

Lumia 520 sold out for the third time on Jingdong store in China. Going equally strong at retailer TMall.

Lumia 520's strong show in China continues. At official Jingdong mall store it has sold out for the third time with Yellow color not even available to order. Black and Cyan can be ordered but will be available only after 1st May, which is not far away. The strong traction is also reflected in accumulation of

Nokia Innovations: Driving assistant can tell you where you want to go. Order your phone with just a “spin” .

At Nokia, innovations has always been the way and now they seem to focus more on innovations which are practical and may enhance use of certain important functionality of handsets or which bring in innovative and cool ways to communicate with your device. So, we are bringing to you info about two patents

Lumia 920 still one of the top sellers at operators T-Mobile and Vodafone in Germany!!

  Time for our periodical demand check for Lumia 920. This time the report is from Germany. At two major operators T-Mobile and Vodafone in Germany, Lumia 920 is still one of the top-selling smartpones. Though both the websites don't give an option to sort out the list but Lumia 920 being still present in the best-selling list, third