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Facebook MAU statistics shows bigger growth in WP user numbers in Q1 2013 as compared to Q4 2012.

Recent Facebook MAU statistics for Q1 2013 shows bigger growth in just two months  of Q1 2013 than seen in entire Q4 2012. About 965,000 MAU growth was seen from Q3 2012 to Q4 2012, while till February only the MAU growth  from Q4 2012 to Q1 2013 is about 1,217,000 which is

Lumia 920 in all colors except than White sold out at Phones4U.

Lumia 920 is seeing good stock movement in UK nowadays and last we reported it was one of the best selling "Contract"  phone at major retailer Phones4U in UK. Check now and all the colors except than White are sold out at the retailer. Phones4U was exclusive retailer for Yellow and Red

Updated: Nokia Care rep now confirms April launch for Lumia 720 in India. Pre-orders open in UK with 1st April delivery promise.

This is a typical Flip-flop situation !! The same Nokia rep which earlier confirmed Lumia 720's arrival to India in March has now informed that it is rather April, when one can expect the device hitting the stores. Frankly speaking March 1st week always seemed bit inconceivable for lumia 720, given delayed

Innovations that make Lumia 720’s cameras (Rear +Front) incredible !! Official sample photos.

In case you are drooling over the "Low-light" prowess of Lumia 720's 6.7 MP camera, then you must be interested to know the tech and innovations that makes it click. Juha Alakarhu, Nokia’s head of imaging technologies has revealed the innovations that has gone into making mid-range Lumia 720' camera better competitor's

Bytes: Asha 305 MWC’s ‘Best Feature Phone’.Nokia Maps goes “Here”.Lumia exclusive new apps.first live social 3D printing experience.

In this article we are covering Four important piece of news we missed about Nokia in last few days following MWC !! First up, Asha 305 scooping top MWC award for ‘Best Feature or Entry Level Phone’. This is certainly a great feat and recognition by Tech-world given to Nokia's Asha range. Read More

Panorama, Voice assisted self-portrait and Slam demo video on Nokia 301.

Nokia announced Nokia 301 at MWC as a Featurephone with smart camera features like Panorama mode, Burst mode and a voice assisted "Self-Portrait" mode. Well for a price of Euro 65 these all feature look awesome !! On top of that the design is certainly great and carries cues from Lumia design.

Lumia 720 & 520 listed at European retailers from €378 and €199.Make it to Top 10 most popular off-contract phones list.

Having a look at latest data from EU price comparison site "" for w/o contract phones reveals that Lumia 720 and 520 are now listed by many EU retailers. Lumia 720 is listed at these retailers from a price of €378 and Lumia 520 from €199. These two devices can be

Lumia 520 has a confidentiality date of 12th April at FCC. It is the Global variant of Lumia 520.

RM-914 aka Lumia 520 which is scheduled to arrive in March globally, has come to FCC with a confidentiality date of 12th April. Which makes us believe that it may be the US variant of Lumia 520 coming to T-Mobile as Lumia 521. If you remember a leaked T-Mobile roadmap

Elop: Lumia 920’s demand still outstriping the supply.High-end features on Lumia 720 & 520 based on consumer demand !!

Both Verge and Engadget interviewed Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop at MWC 2013. Tone of the interview questions vary from excited and eager by Myriam from Engadget to somewhat biased and damning from Vlad from Verge. Anyways below are the major points mentioned by CEO Elop in his answers. Lumia 920 as the

Lumia 720’s camera impresses in low-light, with and without Flash comparison with HTC 8X.

Gizmodo has posted some photo samples captured with Lumia 720's 6.7 MP camera with wide F/1.9 aperture tuned for low-light awesomeness like its bigger sibling Lumia 920. Though according to Gizmodo the samples from Lumia 720 are bit grainy than those from Lumia 920, but it already has started destroying competition. Here HTC 8X and Lumia 720 cameras

Significant gains for WP in UK and Europe.17% switching from Android.47% new buyers. Market Share Up in US as well.

  Kantar WorldPanel sales data report for "3 months ending January" is out for Europe, US and Australia. It confirms significant gains for Windows Phone OS in UK, France, Italy. Windows Phone share of the smartphone market has grown to over 6% in Great Britain, up from 2.4% the previous year. Windows Phone has

Lumia 521, a Lumia 520 variant coming to T-Mobile exclusively.Availability and pricing to be shared later.

Great news coming from T-Mobile's press release here. Seems that T-Mobile is already getting its share of low-end Lumia device in form of exclusive Lumia 520 variant, christened as Lumia 521. T-Mobile says that it will run on T-Mobile's 4G network, so is it going to be a LTE variant of