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“Sunset”: Lumia 620 camera’s video and audio sample.

Lumia 620's 5 MP camera can capture some really good-looking video with vibrant colors and good clarity. Check the video sample "Sunset" posted by phloc2611 on YouTube. Not only video, even audio impresses as Lumia 620 boasts of same HAAC mics found on 808 PureView and Lumia 920. Watch the video below or click

Lumia 620, Xperia J, Galaxy Ace 2, HTC 8S hands-on comparison video.

Cellphone S has posted a hands-on video comparison between what looks like Android and WP8 budget smartphones. The smartphones in contention are Lumia 620, Xperia J, Galaxy Ace 2 and HTC 8S. The video language is "Vietnamese", so you may face difficulty in understanding what is being said. But the size and display comparison is rather

Nokia publishes WP7.8 update availability table. You can check updated WP7.8 Firmware number.

Nokia has published WP7.8 software update availability table for all the regions. It shows the latest version of software available for your phone. To check for your phone's current software version, go to Settings > About > more information > Firmware revision number. Also remember, Your phone notifies you once an update is

Lumia 620 available at O2,UK from Free on-contract. Pay & Go price £149.99. Free colourful shell as launch offer.

Quick heads-up. Lumia 620 is now available at O2,UK starting from Free on-contract monthly plans. Pay & Go price is £149.99. There is launch offer of Free colourful shell as well. Launch offer: free colourful shell Redeemable from Nokia. 5 colours to choose from; yellow, orange, green, blue and white Order link

Low-Light Shootout: Lumia 920 vs BlackBerry Z10 vs iPhone 5 vs SGS III.

  Gizmodo has pitted yesterday released BlackBerry Z10 against Lumia 920, iPhone 5 and SGS III to compare the low-light performance of all the smartphone cameras. Lumia 920 as expected finishes on top, but surprisingly new BlackBerry Flagship is the worst of the lot. Check the side by side comparison of pictures snapped

Occasional gamer entry reveals next Lumia device heading to USA.

Gamer entries reveal about upcoming Lumia devices many times. Now, a Lumia device with code RM-860 has been listed at "Occasional Gamer" and the variant is obviously headed to USA as indicated by detail of the entry. Not only this, NaviFirm has this entry as Test package in "Quality control"

First Lumia 620 stock arrives in UK. Available at Clove for £226.80.

Quick heads-up. First stock of Lumia 620 arrives at Clove.This will also be the first stock of  Lumia 620 in UK.  It is obviously unlocked version of Lumia 620 priced at £226.80 including VAT. Also, the color availability is limited to Black. Lumia 620 order link Thanks Bull for the Tip. Cheers !!

Red Lumia 822 one of the top selling phones at Verizon. Grey goes “out of stock”.

The recently introduced Red Lumia 822 is Verizon's strategic device keeping in mind Valentine's day promotional opportunity. It is currently Free on two-year contract and good to see that it is one of the most popular devices at Verizon. Lumia 822 has been the second best-selling Lumia device after Lumia 920 in USA,

The Brand Trust Report – 2013 : Nokia is India’s most trusted Brand. (Research includes 1100 Brands).

The study-2013 of "The Brand Trust Report" is out and Nokia yet again is the most trusted Brand of Indians out of 1100 surveyed Brands. India has been a stronghold for Nokia and it has enjoyed such huge market and mind share in India that in marketing circles India was refered as "Nokia