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Dedicated to those, who found Lumia 920 “too heavy”: Mackenzie the Teeniebopper Telephone Girl.

Many of "renowned" tech bloggers with really weak hands have complained a lot about Lumia 920 being too heavy for them. Poor souls ;). Now check this "Super Girl" from Jupiter (Pun intended) talking to her grandparent with holding the "too heavy" Lumia 920 in her one hand. Jokes apart, she

Nokia India confirms Lumia 920 coming to stores soon. Posts new Lumia 920 teaser ad.

Nokia India has confirmed yesterday on its official Facebook page  that Lumia 920 may be heading to the stores soon. This seems to be in line with Nokia care confirming earlier that "Lumia 920 may be available in stores" from the first week of january. Nokia has also posted a TV commercial

After Mark Cuban, F1 star is the latest proud celebrity owner of Lumia 920 :). Posts cool low light images on Twitter.

F1 star "Heikki Kovalainen" has become the latest celebrity to own and show off the Lumia 920 PureView. He has posted two low-light images on his Twitter account and on asking confirmed by saying "Yes lumia 920 camera is real good". In fact the images shared by him are really impressive.

POV: Saving the precious “Apple”. Misleading articles from Forbes and WSJ expose the threat to most discounted iPhone ever.

Last few days have been really busy for market sentiment manipulators, especially those who want to pull Nokia shares down for obvious money-making reasons !! WSJ has started, what is totally misleading attempt to show festive and retailer discounts as proof of Lumias not moving fast enough in USA market. There are

Weekend shootout: Lumia 920 beats iPhone 5 in both daylight and low-light Indoor/Outdoor shots.

Seems that latest PR1.1 update for Lumia 920 has really done what it was intended to do, make the Lumia 920's PureView camera excel in daylight imaging as well. So, "Tech2" has pitted Lumia 920 against iPhone 5 and done an extensive imaging shootout. It is great to see that

Long queues greet the “second batch” of Lumia 920 in China.Yellow sold out in 20 minutes at Flagship Shanghai store.

We informed yesterday only that retailers 360Buy and 51Buy are getting second stock of Lumia 920 after getting sold out of the first batch pretty quickly. Now Today, the second batch of Lumia 920 which arrived at Flagship Nokia Shanghai store was greeted by long queues yet again . If you remember, the first stock was

Huge Demand sees Lumia 920 selling at higher than normal prices at Amazon China and Walmart, USA.

  Biased Analysts who have shorted "Nokia" shares want to bring the share prices down, so that they can make money. For this, they are trying to show that Lumias are getting sold at discounts while that is the most stupid lie, one might have ever heard. We have published proofs

Music video “Leap of Faith” filmed entirely with 808 PureView (Audio done in studio).

Here is a music video filmed entirely with 808 PureView. Use of lossless zooming and great color balance are apparent throughout the video. Only, complaint that I have is that the audio hasn't been recorded with 808 PureView's rich-recording Mics. But, anyways it is always great to see 808 PureView being

Nokia “Accessories settings” update brings “Sleeping screen” to Lumia devices, when docked.

Nokia has released "Accessories settings" update for Lumia devices. "Accessories settings" app is a companion application for associating with Accessories like Fatboy Pillow, PowerUp speakers etc. The new update brings the "sleeping screen" kind of screen saver that we simply love on our 808 Pureview and other devices. The difference is, unlike Symbian devices it shows

Lumia 822 makes to the “Top Sellers” list at Verizon. Media singling out Lumia devices for discounts !!

There are some articles in the media showing concern over discounts given on Lumia 822 and 810 by carriers and Amazon selling Lumia 920 for $39.99. Actually the inference that these normally biased articles try to draw is that Lumias are not moving fast off shelfs. So, here is something

Walmart raises the price of Lumia 920 to $239.99. Still makes it to the best-selling “cell phones with plans” list.

Walmart has just got the Lumia 920 back in stock and that too in Black only. But seems spurted by good demand they have quoted the highest price for Lumia 920 in USA. It is $239.99 with a new AT&T account. It is really surprising move considering Amazon is selling it