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808 PureView simply smokes iPhone 5 in a video and audio capture shootout.

Revaz Rezo has posted four videos comparing video capture between Camera smartphone king 808 PureView and Apple's latest iPhone 5. Great thing is that not only video but the audio recording has also been compared. The methodology is that the same video has been posted with sound capture with 808 PureView and iPhone

Weekend watch(Updated) : Collection of Lumia 920’s OIS demo videos.

After multiple shootouts and comparisons done by many tech magazines and individuals it has become clear that Lumia 920's PureView Camera is the undisputed champ in capturing smooth videos due to its OIS capability. Now, we are bringing to you a collection of such demos and shootouts in one place. Hope, you enjoy the

Weekend watch 3: Time for some Time-lapse videos captured with 808 PureView.

Enjoy some of the cool time-lapse videos captured with 808 PureView. This one is my fav and truly awesome. [youtube=]   [youtube=]   [youtube=]   [youtube=]   [youtube=]   Do, let us know if you find  better ones, we will include them in the article.

Weekend watch 2: 808 PureView vs iPhone 5. Music concerts recording comparison.

Bringing to you Music concerts video capture samples with 808 PureView and iPhone 5. Just check the Rich-recording quality of 808 PureView and iPhone 5 can't match it, even after Apple has shipped it with 3 microphones set same as on 808 PureView (One more inspiration taken from Nokia's innovations). Nokia 808 vs iPhone

Nokia to introduce a new service called “Nokia Parking”. Hands-on video demo on Lumia 800.

Nokia  is trying to make parking woes vanish with an upcoming service called "Nokia Parking". The service will launch next month (November) in a few cities across Europe and will be built out quickly after that. It's a comprehensive parking database that can not only help you find parking but even help

First daylight photo and action shot with Lumia 920. Lumia 920 Night Mode vs Auto Mode comparison.

First daylight photo and action shot captured with Lumia 920 from the Flickr account of "Alex Efimoff".  Pictures look vibrant and have good details. Though these are crops and original full resolution images are not available. But gives a fair idea of what to expect from Lumia 920's PureView camera in daylight

Weekend Watch1: Lumia 920 Touch screen demo with forks and gloves on.12 min long hands-on video of Lumia 920.

We have seen Lumia 920's Supersensitive touch screen being used with gloves on, cloth and metal objects as well. Now, watch it being used/abused by Forks and gloves again. Point to remember is that, it will work similarly for Lumia 820's touch screen as well. Also I think, Nokia may be bringing

New Lumia 920 OIS and 808 drop-test videos captured at Nokia R&D.

Engadget has posted two more interesting videos, this time from the testing set-up of Nokia's R&D. In one video they have shown a platform that shifted up and down at adjustable speeds to test the Lumia 920's optical image stabilization, and in another video, a machine that drops smartphones against a

Mercedes, BMW, Pioneer and Garmin are new big wins for Nokia’s “Location” business.

Nokia has continued its streak of scoring big wins in its Location business with addition of big names like Mercedes, BMW, Pioneer and Garmin as its Maps and navigation users. Read more from the announcements, Nokia today announced that its Location & Commerce business is supplying global NAVTEQ® Maps and content to Mercedes to

Nokia Russia & Germany announce the pricing & availability for Lumia 920 and 820. Pre-orders for Lumia 920 and 820 begin in Russia.

After Nokia Italy and Australia, Russia and Germany also have joined the party and announced price and Carrier availability. Official pre-orders have also started for Russia :). Read full info from the press releases below, In November flagship Nokia Lumia 920, as well as the Nokia Lumia 820 will be available for consumers in