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New Nokia store update( version 1.24(7) ) available for S60v5 devices :)

  Nokia store update is available for S60V5 devices. The new version is 1.24(7) which replaces 1.22(15) version. As soon as you will open store on your device, this update will be prompted and you can go ahead right away. Changelog is not available, but some bug fixes and performance improvements are visible. If

808 pureview’s amazing low light sample pictures, with and without flash.

Seems, Stefan Klenke is one of those luckiest people who have been entrusted by Nokia with 808 pureview's initial batch, to may be put 41MP monster through different photo capturing conditions and provide feedback to Nokia. It is nowhere mentioned on his blog that theses streetart pictures are captured by 808 pureview, but

Lumia 900 pre-order page up at AT&T website. Pricing $99 on 2 year contract,without contract $449.99.

Lumia 900 pre-order page is now up on AT&T website and 2 year contract pricing is mouth-watering $99.99, but seems Walmart stole a bit of thunder under AT&T's nose with a pre-order pricing of $49.99. The no commitment pricing or without contract price of Lumia 900 at AT&T is $449.99, which in itself

Lumia 900 pre-order at Walmart for only $49.99. It is simply a steal :)

Walmart has done a Lumia 710 again. They are providing  AT&T branded Lumia 900 at 50 USD less than the pre-order price quoted by the carrier. Both color options, Black and Cyan are available and the pricing details are given as , Nokia Lumia 900 - Black (AT&T)Price Breakdown Phone Price $499.99 Instant Discount $450.00 Shipping $0.00 Price Today: $49.99 Your

Nokia Q1 2012 predictions; 122 million device shipments, 24 million smartphones, 98 million featurephones :)

Based on the Q4 2011 results, statscounter estimates for different OSes and the sales estimates from many sources, the analyst in me has again done some calculations and come up with prediction for device shipments for Nokia in Q1 2012. Actually if you ask me, it is very tough to give

808 pureview new hands-on video. Gallery, Photo zoom, Music player ,Camera UI, Video player, demoed :)

Today, I came across a very recent hands-on video of amazing 808 pureview posted on YouTube on 29th March (Yesterday only). The video is one of the clearer and better hands-on videos of 808 pureview posted till now. Thanks goes to the uploader, gaurav5583. Few things are worth noticing in the video, The

Whatsapp for N9 progress update!!

The developer tgalal has posted the progress update for "Whatsapp for N9". According to him following things are done. Message delivery indicators - Almost Chat logging - Done Only 1 to 1 Conversations - Done Contacts sync - Done Integration with Accounts manager - Done Integration with Meego's notifications - Almost Registration which is done too via native

Nokia reader for series 40(S40) phones at BetaLabs.Nokia keeps its focus on the next billion.

Nokia's focus on bringing smartphone like features and apps to S40 phones continues. They have released Nokia reader version for S40 devices at BetaLabs, and have uploaded the Nokia reader on Asha 303 demo video on the Nokia's official YouTube channel. Check the video, [youtube=] Follow your favorite local news quickly and easily from your

Roll out map for SW update 12070 for Lumia 800. Video tutorial on how to update your Lumia :)

The software update 1600.2487.8107.12070  for Lumia 800 was reported extensively by us. It was also confirmed by Nokia officially. This update finally fixed Lumia 800's battery issues and call end issue. There are improvements in audio performance and fix to capacitive buttons lighting issue as well. Check our below articles for what

Thanks to Nokia Lumias’ increased shipments, Compal books profit in Q4 2011, reports 5-year high sales in Feb 2012.

Compal, if you know is the manufacturing partner of Nokia which produces Lumia devices for Nokia. This company was not profitable for most of the 2011 and reported loss of about NT$475 million recorded in the first three-quarters of the year 2011. Now good news is that, with increased shipments of Lumia devices

Lumia 800c launched in China with China Telecom.Supports GSM network as well when roaming.

According to an article posted over Nokia conversations, Lumia 800c the CDMA version of Lumia 800 has been launched in China with China Telecom . The Nokia 800C is the first CDMA Windows Phone in China, featuring Windows Phone 7.5, and operated on the country’s most extensive and reliable 3G network. Some highlights: Nokia offers